Friday, April 18, 2014

Vamos a Montreal!

We're in Montreal, specifically in a creperie, specifically Creperie Bretonne Ty-Breiz that granted has lost power, but where the wait staff claim to still have the ability to whip up many of the crepes on the menu. I love crêpes, and on any typical day I'd be delighted, but this isn't a typical day. I've just finished a second day of meetings with a client, to which my company has graciously dispatched me, and we were about to have poutine!

The excitement for what appears to be the Canadian equivalent of cheesy fries (disclaimer: I have not tried poutine yet) is quite contagious here. Anyways we just left the meeting, cabbed to THE poutine spot - Resto La Banquise, but they were also out of power. In fact the whole street is without power, but for some reason this is impacting poutine much more severely than crepes. I couldn't possibly explain.

I'm sleepily reading the menu, trying to recall which crepes were A-OK (side note: I can't swipe "sidenote" on my phone but can swipe "AOL." Is "side note" two words?) I'm a bit tired from the day of meetings and from Eve's recent tendency to wake up at night, a lot. (Eve's my daughter for those readers that have been with us since the beginning. She's really cute.) Maybe I'm tired from smiling too much. Aww.

Then, I spot it! The crepe. Crepe au glace, or crepe with ice cream. Boom, good Samaritan rescuing the melting ice cream and a tasty crepe for me.

The waitress comes by to take my order, so I do it up in my best French accent. And because I'm polite I add, "por favor."


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