Saturday, August 29, 2015

Invasion of the Selfi[sh] Stick

By Sam

You know a trend is a fad when the umbrella men are hawking "selfie sticks." (Umbrella men - plural of umbrella man; n. a man hawking umbrellas when it's raining. synonym - water bottle man, lottery ticket guy, and spinning top boy).

There we are at the Blue Mosque, where the proper police enforce garments below knees for men and concealed shoulders and covered hair for women, and in the Muslim prayer section I spot it. Look closely. Can you see it?

So if I found a dozen at this holy site, you'll believe me when I say that all the selfie sticks are everywhere. Topkapi Palace? Selfie stick. In front of the Hagia Sofia? Selfie stick. The Bosporus river? Now you got it!

Pro tip: consider keeping your phone in the selfie stick always, especially when taking regular (fka non-selfie pictures). Then you'll really look like the pro photographer that you are, as you jab at your photo victim.

Bonus points: Can spot the tourist posing in the holy spot where the imam conducts service?

Tomorrow I'll share more from our Old City tour by Circle Istanbul, while we're off on our Circle Istanbul tour, a behind the scenes look at Istanbul a local's experience.

Miles Walked: 7.21

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