Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Packed and Headed to New York!

Everything we are bringing for our Latin American adventure
After spending literally the entire day yesterday cleaning our house, preparing our room for our friend Abbie to move in (thanks for taking care of Leo!), and running last-minute errands, we are finally packed and are now sitting on the Bolt Bus to NYC.  It is amazing how much stuff we crammed into 2 80-liter bags.  

For all of you who doubted my packing abilities and tendency to bring too many clothes, here is a list of the few articles of clothing I will be bringing:
-1 windproof fleece (up to 50 mph)
-1 breathable rain jacket
-1 pair long underwear pants & shirt
-2 breathable long-sleeve shirts
-1 pair convertible pants/capris
-1 pair of jeans
-3 breathable t-shirts
-2 tank tops
-1 skirt
-1 dress (with handy hidden zippered pocket)
-6 pairs underwear, 2 bras
-2 pairs Smart Wool socks
-1 cotton t-shirt
-1 pair of shorts
-1 pair Keen sandles
-1 pair of Teva flip flops
-1 pretty pair of sparkly purple shoes that fold up small (and were the ones I wore when I got married)
And I would like to add that besides the shoes & undergarments, everything fits nicely into a packing cube.  

Then of course there are the misc. other items that fill up most of the remaining space in my bag, but I will let Sam fill you in on that.

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