Friday, January 20, 2012

Mmmm, mmmm, food

In addition to taking Spanish classes and learning about Bolivian culture, history, and politics, our time here has also been filled with lots of delicious food, most of which is unlike anything we have ever had before.  Here is a summary of some of the new and rico (tasty) delicacies we have had to eat and drink in the past couple weeks:

-Llama steak

-Salteñas, which are similar to empanadas (according to Sam's teacher, they differ from the latter in their shape)--pastry dough filled with beef or chicken, veggies, potatoes, a single olive cooked in a delicious sauce.

-An incredible array of soups made by our host mom (lunch everyday includes soup)

-Cow tongue, which actually was not a first for Sam nor I (it both a common Russian delicacy, as well as a Kosher deli meat)

-Fried patty made with plantains & eggs (also made by our host mom)

-Caldo de Cordon, a local soup made by Quechua women, which according to my teacher does wonders for curing a hangover (and the restaurant he took us on a field trip to is filled at 6:00 am)

-Maiz, giant steamed kernels of corn which are snacked on during meals like edamame and taste like rice

-A delicious and unbelievably cheap dinner at a French restaurant--for about the equivalent of $30 Sam got Filet mignon, I got steak in a Whiskey sauce (and each meal was essentially two steaks each), half a bottle of Bolivian red wine, and a dessert

-"Chinese chicken noodle soup," i.e. Ramen noodles

-An array of beers, include Cruceña (Bolivian brand, my favorite that I have tried is the Cruceña Black; other one I tried basically tasted like Bud to me), Sureña (local Sucre brand), Lipeña (beer made from Quinoa from the Potosi region), Nusta (a homebrew at a local Dutch-owned restaurant called Café Florín)

-Local chocolates, which Sucre is known for, including peach-flavored and with quinoa

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