Sunday, July 22, 2012

Villa de Leyva is de-Lovely

Then we were off to Villa de Leyva, a small Spanish colonial town of only several thousands. It's a popular escape for Bogotans for the weekend. Surrounded by hills and beautiful nature, there are tons of activities to do around town, and great places to eat.

There's an ostrich farm about a 40 minute ride outside town, and they're raised for everything (according to the promotional video they make you watch on the tour). Apparently they're not only cute, but also tasty, great for cosmetics, leather, health, you name it an ostrich can be made into it. Lots of cute and funny birds around.

Since we had gotten to the farm on horseback, we got to gallop back home. Let me teach you a little trick, horses love it when you yell "VAMOSSSS!!" really loud. It makes them go super fast :-D. Bev loved it less.

Cowboy Boris

Bev... likes horses less... than we do.

My horse was named "Poco a poco" (which means little by little), of course I still made him gallop. Woot!!
Another one of the days, Boris and I hiked up to the Jesus statue overlooking town. It's not a South American city if there isn't a Jesus statue. We felt very welcome by the signs:

Nice view:

More Photos:
2012.5 Villa de Leyva, Colombia

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